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Tummy Tuck in Evansville and Jasper, IN

The abdomen is one of the most difficult areas of the body for patients in the tri-state area of Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois to firm and tone. Not only that but pregnancy, extreme weight loss or abdominal surgery can all result in sagging skin that may not conform to your new shape. A tummy tuck performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery could be the solution for all Evansville and Jasper residents who want to get rid of the unwanted abdominal fat.

What is a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

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A tummy tuck, sometimes referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which excess fat and skin in the abdominal area is trimmed and tightened, resulting in a flatter midsection. It may also restore abdominal muscles that have weakened or separated over time, resulting in a “pouched” appearance.

Those who have lost a great deal of weight may notice sagging skin along the pannus or abdominal apron. This skin may sometimes sag below the genitals of both males and females. A different type of surgery known as a panniculectomy would be appropriate in this instance. Panniculectomy surgery is similar to a tummy tuck but is targeted toward the excess skin and fat left hanging after significant weight loss. This surgery will not tighten the abdomen, so those who desire a flatter belly may need to undergo a tummy tuck at some point in the future.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

For some people, a tummy tuck is the only way to achieve the “flat abs” they desire. Others who have lost a great deal of weight will find it nearly impossible to tighten loose skin without undergoing panniculectomy surgery. Either procedure will give you greater confidence, not to mention making it easier to find clothes that fit properly.

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

Only you can decide whether a tummy tuck is right for you. If you have had little success tightening your abdominals through exercise, you may want to consider the procedure.

Elements of a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Flannagan will begin by determining the best location(s) to make incisions and will draw lines on your body with a permanent marker indicating where to make cuts. One incision is normally made across the body beginning at the top of the pubic hairline and extending upward on either side toward the hip bone. An additional incision may be needed around the belly button to remove excess skin in the upper abdominals.

Next, general or local anesthesia is administered. If given only local anesthesia, you might also be prescribed a sedative to help you relax. Once the anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Flannagan will cut carefully on the lines he drew and trim away excess tissue. The remaining tissue will be pulled tightly together and closed with sutures. If tissue was removed from around your navel, the belly button may need to be repositioned as a final step.

How Long is the Recovery After a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Your recovery after a tummy tuck or panniculectomy will be about the same as with any other abdominal surgery. This means you will likely be restricted from performing strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects for six to eight weeks. Be sure to discuss your workout plans with Dr. Flannagan during your consultation, as he may ask you to avoid sit-ups or other exercises such as Pilates that place a great deal of stress on abdominal muscles.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Procedure Cost?

The first step in determining your cost is to schedule a tummy tuck consultation at Flannagan Plastic Surgery. This will allow us to develop a custom treatment program as well as a detailed cost analysis. We will then go over this cost analysis item by item to ensure you fully understand each item listed. After that, our team will work out the best financing option for your needs and budget. Most of our patients use a combination of the following to pay for their procedures:

  • Cash
  • Personal or cashier’s checks
  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit® Financing

Why Choose Flannagan Plastic Surgery?

Flannagan Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective tummy tuck procedures to residents of Evansville and Jasper and the surrounding cities. If you are in the tri-state area of Indiana, Northern Kentucky or Illinois, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and learn how a tummy tuck can help you achieve a flatter stomach.

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