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From the minute I called the office to the last visit I was super pleased!  Everyone was very pleasant, helpful and made me feel comfortable with a situation that was a bit scary for me. I was able to do what I needed quicker than expected and am more pleased than I thought I would be with anyone performing my surgery.

Dr Flannagan is Amazing! His skills as a surgeon are fantastic, the results are amazing and I am very pleased! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for any procedure and you’ll be so pleased at how comfortable the whole staff and Dr Flannagan will make you feel!

Thanks so much to all of you! If hugs were allowed you’d all have one especially The Doc!! – Anonymous

Thanks to you, Dr. Ryan Flannagan & your staff, for a job well done. I'll never forget how you helped me make difficult decisions during a very tough time in my life - your big smile, your kindness, how you calmed my fears and gave me the confidence I so badly needed to go through the procedure. And your skillful surgical magic restored my breasts to make me feel good about myself again. Jasper is very fortunate to have a plastic surgeon with your skills & knowledge. Keep up the good work. – C.B. from Jasper

Good Afternoon, I wanted to thank each and every one for being so amazing!!! I have referred 3 patients to your office. They each were nervous about having to schedule for treatment; I reassured them no need to be apprehensive. Thank you once again. – A.B. from Evansville

Flannagan, this November marks 5 years since I’ve had my surgery, and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Because of you, I am able to live the life a young woman should be living without worrying about back pains or being too self-conscious. Thank you for doing the procedure even though I was only 17. I’ve signed the paper saying yes you can use my pictures. Hopefully my pictures will give another young woman hope! Thank you again! – E.G. from Evansville

Flannagan – I am both flattered and honored that you would ask to use my before and after photos to represent your practice. I just don’t know how to put into words how pleased I have been with the results of my surgery. From the first day I stepped into your office for a consult to the last follow-up appointment, I felt like I was in the best hands I could ever ask for! I knew that my feelings and concerns were honored, listened to and validated by you and every person on your staff. I am so full of joy and happiness since my surgery that I am very open about it. Many times women have come up to me one-on-one and asked more questions. I always have the same answer to one very important question… if you want the job done right and with the best staff, go see Dr. Ryan Flannagan.  – K.L. from Jasper