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Plastic Surgery in Evansville and Jasper, IN

Once considered trendy, plastic surgery is now very common amongst SouthernIndiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois residents who want to improve their appearance or reduce signs of aging. Drs. Ryan and Kathleen Flannagan provide a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures to patients in Evansville, Jasper, and the surrounding areas.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is defined as any surgical procedure that is performed to change a person's appearance. Plastic surgery is often referred to as cosmetic surgery. Anesthesia is commonly administered as part of cosmetic procedures. However, the techniques offered by Flannagan Plastic Surgery are often outpatient. There are many different reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery, some of our patients look to gain a more youthful appearance while others seek reconstruction after an accident or illness. Whatever the purpose, Flannagan Plastic Surgery takes great pride in providing top-notch cosmetic procedures to those in Evansville, Jasper and the surrounding tri-state area of Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois.

Procedures We Offer

We offer many treatments to help you obtain a more youthful appearance. Please contact our office today for a consultation for:

Breast Enhancement

Body Contouring

Facial Surgery

Skin Cancer

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

If you have stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet or exercise, you may benefit from a cosmetic procedure. Many people who have undergone plastic surgery say that they have more self-confidence. Having great confidence can result in a better outlook on life. Every individual has their own unique reasoning behind choosing to undergo plastic surgery.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

Scheduling a consultation at Flannagan Plastic Surgery will help you answer this question. We will help you assess the pros and cons of your procedure, and we will discuss your treatment in more detail.

Elements of a Plastic Surgery Procedure

Your surgery will require local or general anesthesia depending on the procedure. We will discuss other details of your surgery with you when you come in for your consultation.

How Long is the Recovery After Plastic Surgery?

Your recovery time will depend on your procedure. More involved surgeries tend to require more time to heal. Your age and level of health will also play a role in your recovery.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

Once we have developed a program for your cosmetic procedure, we can put together an estimated cost for your surgery. We will work with you to find a financing option that fits your budget. We will then go over this cost analysis item by item to ensure you fully understand each item listed. After that, our team will work out the best financing option for your needs and budget. Most of our patients use a combination of the following to pay for their procedures:

  • Cash
  • Personal or cashier’s checks
  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit® Financing

Why Choose Flannagan Plastic Surgery?

Flannagan Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective plastic surgery procedures to residents of Evansville and Jasper and the surrounding cities. If you are in the tri-state area of Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and learn how plastic surgery can improve your self-confidence.

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