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Mini Tummy Tuck in Evansville and Jasper, IN

The lower abs are often a problem area for patients in the tri-state area of Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois to firm and tone.  A mini-tummy tuck performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery could be the solution for all Evansville and Jasper residents who want to tighten their lower abs, but do not wish to undergo a full tummy tuck procedure.

What is a Mini-Tummy Tuck Procedure (Abdominoplasty)?

A mini-tummy tuck is abdominoplasty surgery that focuses only on the lower portion of the abs. It is somewhat less invasive and allows for the same results with a faster recovery time.

Benefits of a Mini-Tummy Tuck

A mini-tummy tuck requires fewer incisions and can be performed in less time than a full tummy tuck. As such, those who have a firm upper abdomen can avoid a more extensive procedure.

Is a Mini-Tummy TuckRight for Me?

To be a good candidate for a mini-tummy tuck, you should:

  • Be close to your ideal weight and in fairly good physical condition
  • Have only a minimal amount of excess skin and fat in your lower abdominals
  • Not be concerned with separated muscles in your upper abdomen

What Kind of Anesthesia is Used During a Mini Tummy Tuck?

With your comfort in mind, Dr. Flannagan uses general anesthesia during a mini tummy tuck. This allows you to sleep throughout the procedure and reduces stress on the body to promote healing.

How Long Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure Take?

The mini tummy tuck procedure is typically completed in under two hours. If the mini tummy tuck is performed in combination with other procedures, the surgery may be longer.

Elements of a Mini-Tummy Tuck

A mini-tummy tuck is performed in nearly the same manner as a regular tummy tuck, with the exception being that there is no need for an incision around the navel or to reposition the belly button when finished.

How Long is the Recovery After a Mini-Tummy Tuck Procedure?

You can expect a quicker recovery after a mini-tummy tuck compared to a full tummy tuck. You may even be able to perform more strenuous workouts in as little as two to three weeks. Even so, you should be careful not to overdo things — listen to your body and stop exercising or performing certain activities if you feel even the slightest strain.

How Much Does a Mini-Tummy Tuck Procedure Cost?

The first step in determining your cost is to schedule a mini-tummy tuck consultation at Flannagan Plastic Surgery. This will allow us to develop a custom treatment program as well as a detailed cost analysis. We will then go over this cost analysis item by item to ensure you fully understand each item listed. After that, our team will work out the best financing option for your needs and budget. Most of our patients use a combination of the following to pay for their procedures:

  • Cash
  • Personal or cashier’s checks
  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit® Financing

Why Choose Flannagan Plastic Surgery?

Flannagan Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective mini-tummy tuck procedures to residents of Evansville and Jasper and the surrounding cities. If you are in the tri-state area of Indiana, Northern Kentucky or Illinois, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery office today to schedule a consultation and learn how a mini-tummy tuck can help you achieve a flatter stomach.

Mini Tummy Tuck in Evansville and Jasper, IN
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