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For many people, the decision to undergo liposuction is one of the best choices they have ever made for themselves. Liposuction gives patients the opportunity to look and feel better than they ever have. However, your journey does not come to a screeching halt once the surgery is completed. There are many recommendations to keep in mind as you rediscover life post liposuction.

DO: Minimize excessive movement following the procedure.
Liposuction can cause swelling and bruising to your body. Extra and/or heavy movement is detrimental to your recovery process, so it is best to take it easy. Dr. Ryan Flannagan will ask that you refrain from heavy lifting and strenuous.

DON’T: Smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol during your recovery period.
Smoking and consuming alcohol are strictly prohibited following your surgery. We recommend you refrain from cigarettes and alcohol for at least two weeks. The nicotine in cigarettes can slow the skin healing process, which can result in more obvious scarring. In addition, alcohol can interfere with your medications which can present an abundance of health issues. Liposuction gives you an option to rebuild your health and lifestyle, so it might be a good idea to quit these habits following your procedure permanently.

DO: Have someone accompany you to the procedure.
Resting after your procedure is an absolute must, so we recommend having someone around to make life a little easier while you recover. Liposuction is an invasive procedure and will require care from someone you trust.

DON’T: Take aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other anti-inflammatory medicines to minimize pain.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, especially aspirin and ibuprofen, are not recommended as pain-relievers after undergoing liposuction. Taking such medications may increase the risk of bleeding complications. It also decreases the body’s immune system by impairing white blood cells, a factor essential for faster recovery.

If you have further questions about your post-op care, or you are considering liposuction, call our team at Flannagan Plastic Surgery. We have locations in Evansville and Jasper and also serve the Vanderburgh County, Henderson, KY, Owensboro, KY, French Lick, IN, Vincennes, IN, and Bloomington, IN communities.