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Latisse in Evansville and Jasper, IN

When we think of aging, hair loss does come to mind. What is this sentence supposed to say? A Latisse® consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery could be the solution for all Evansville, Jasper, Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Illinois residents who want to restore eyelashes.

What is Latisse®?

Latisse® is a prescription product used to regrow eyelashes. It is specifically formulated to add length and volume to eyelashes. Approved by the FDA for treating thinning eyelashes, Latisse® applications can reverse degrading eyelashes. If you have tried to enhance your eyelashes but have been unsuccessful, Latisse® may be for you.

Benefits of Latisse®

Latisse® patients often see results within three to four weeks. Over three months, lashes become darker, thicker, and longer. Permanent results can be attained as the eyelashes grow stronger over time. With Latisse®, you will never need to rely on false lashes or spa treatments again.

Is Latisse® Right for Me?

Anyone who has tried over-the-counter products, spa treatments, or eyelash extensions and has been dissatisfied with the results should consult with Dr. Flannagan to see if Latisse® can help. Latisse® may be appropriate for patients 18 years or older.

What Is a Latisse® Procedure?

Latisse® is a prescription product requiring daily application. During your consultation, Dr. Flannagan will discuss if Latisse® is right for you. If you are a good candidate, you will receive a prescription for Latisse® and instructions on how to apply it once a day at home. When applying Latisse® at home, follow these steps:

  1. Wash and dry your face with a clean, dry washcloth.
  2. Holding the application brush horizontally, add one drop to it.
  3. Apply Latisse® to the upper eyelid, starting from the inside. Follow the edge of the eyelid and move towards the outside. This is similar to applying eyeliner.
  4. Finish by dabbing away excess product with a clean cloth.

While Latisse® is specifically designed to be applied at home, it is important to remember it is a powerful prescription product. Always use as directed and not at your own discretion. Latisse® is not designed to be applied on the lower eyelid and it should never get into the eyes. Always contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.

How Long Is the Recovery After a Latisse®?

There is no recovery time while using Latisse®. Patients are able to use the product at home on a daily basis and continue with a regular regimen.

How Much Does Latisse® Cost?

The cost for your Latisse® product will vary depending on how long you require daily applications. You will also need to follow-up with the doctor over the course of your treatment. In most cases, medical spa treatments are not covered by insurance. The staff at Flannagan Plastic Surgery will ensure all of your questions about the financing of your treatments are answered. Most of our patients use a combination of the following to pay for their procedures:

  • Cash
  • Personal or cashier’s checks
  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit® Financing

Why Choose Flannagan Plastic Surgery?

Flannagan Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective Latisse® to residents of Evansville and Jasper and the surrounding cities in Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois. Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and learn how Latisse® can restore your eyelashes.

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