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Although breast augmentation procedures typically steal the spotlight, breast reductions are another popular procedure that helps women achieve their ideal breast size. Having large breasts can produce a number of emotional and physical discomforts. If losing weight doesn’t sufficiently decrease the size of the breasts, a breast reduction surgery is typically the best option. But how do you know if a breast reduction is right for you?

Do You Experience Pain Due to Your Breasts?

Breast Reduction in Evansville and Jasper, INMany women with large breasts experience physical pain due to the weight and size of the breasts. Most often, this includes pain in the back, neck or shoulders from having to support the weight of the breasts. Pain can also result from ill-fitting clothes or bras, limiting the clothing options that a woman can wear. A breast reduction can reduce the size of the breasts to improve your comfort on a daily basis.

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Breast Size?

If you are self-conscious about the size of your breasts, a breast reduction can be a healthy choice. Many women feel that overly large breasts affect their proportions and their overall appearance, and enjoy an enhanced figure after their breast reduction. A breast reduction can also increase your clothing options, giving patients more freedom to dress how they like without the concern of revealing too much cleavage.

Are You Unable to Perform Certain Activities Due to Your Breast Size?

In some cases, the size of the breasts can prevent you from participating in sports or other physical activities. This can interfere with your health and your ability to participate in things that you enjoy. If this is the case, a breast reduction may be right for you.

Is a Breast Reduction Right for Me?

If any of the problems above apply to you, you may be a good candidate for a breast reduction. To determine if a breast reduction is right for you, contact Flannagan Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial consultation. We offer breast reductions and other breast enhancement procedures to residents of Newburgh, Evansville, Jasper and the nearby areas of Indiana.