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Plastic Surgery in Evansville and Jasper, INA chiseled and defined jawline is a highly sought after trait for both men and women. Unfortunately, unless you were born with an incredible bone structure (which few of us were), there aren’t many ways to enhance your jawline without cosmetic treatment. Luckily, there are several surgical and non-surgical options that can help patients achieve their perfect jawline, no matter what seems to be holding them back.

Dermal Fillers and Injectables

Dermal fillers and injectables offer a few different treatments that can help patients enhance their jawline. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance volume in certain areas of the jaw, which can make the angles of your jaw more dominant and result in a more defined jawline. Alternatively, injectable neurotoxin treatments like Botox® can temporarily relax muscles in the jaw to produce a slimmer facial shape. These injections are placed into the masseter muscles, which are located at the end of the jaw by the back of the teeth. The results from dermal filler and injectable treatments can last from a few months up to a year, and require no downtime, making them a convenient and effective jawline solution.


Surgery can be an effective option for patients who are looking for more dramatic results. If you have stubborn fat under the chin or loose, sagging jowls, surgery may be the best option for restoring a defined jawline. Liposuction can be used to eliminate fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, slimming your appearance. A neck lift can be used to remove loose, excess skin, producing a contoured neck and jawline for a youthful appearance. Although cosmetic surgery typically requires a significant recovery period, the results are incredibly long-lasting assuming the patient maintains healthy diet and exercise habits after their procedure.

Where Can I Try These Procedures?

To learn more about how these procedures can help you achieve your cosmetic goals, contact us today at Flannagan Plastic Surgery. We can help you schedule a consultation, during which we will analyze your cosmetic goals to provide you with a personalized treatment approach. We welcome patients from Jasper, Evansville, and Newburgh, IN.