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Breast Augmentation in Evansville and Jasper, IN

Many women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts because they have a small anatomy or have experienced a decrease in breast tissue due to weight loss or fluctuating hormones. There is little these women can do to increase the size of their breasts naturally, which is why many elect to have a breast augmentation or “boob job.” A breast augmentation performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery could be the solution for those in Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Illinois, who want to permanently increase their bust size.

What is a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Patient 1 Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation involves adding implants to increase the size of the breasts, alter their shape, or change the way in which they protrude from the body. Implants come in numerous sizes and shapes and are filled with either a saline or silicone gel solution. Once inserted, they provide immediate, permanent results.

A breast augmentation or “boob job” is performed under general anesthesia, allowing you to sleep comfortably during the surgery. Breast implants are placed in one of two locations:

  • Submuscular, which is behind the pectoral muscle
  • Subglandular, or on top of the pectoral muscle but behind the breast gland

Your placement will depend on the amount of breast and muscle tissue available, size and type of implants, and a number of other factors. Dr. Flannagan will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of placement with you during your consultation.

Benefits of a Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are not just for models or celebrities, as everyday women just like you are now choosing them more often than ever. One reason is that today’s implants can provide you with more natural-looking results. As such, you may want to consider them if you have lost breast volume and wish to have fuller breasts once again.

Advances in surgical techniques also make scarring less noticeable. Any scars you do experience can normally be hidden underneath your bra or a swimsuit.

Elements of a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Your breast augmentation procedure actually begins during your consultation, when you will select the size and type of implant for your breast augmentation. Next, measurements and photographs are taken to help Dr. Flannagan better tailor his surgical procedure to meet your needs.

On the day of your procedure, your breasts may be marked with a marker to help guide Dr. Flannagan in making his incisions.  General anesthesia is then administered so that the procedure can be performed. Afterward, you will spend approximately one to two hours in the recovery room before being released to home.

If you’ve considered these problems with your own breasts, breast augmentation may be the solution you need.  However, candidacy for a cosmetic procedure should never be determined online. At your personal consultation, Dr. Flannagan will determine the best course of action and individualized treatment for you. If he is confident that breast augmentation will be a positive, affirming experience for you, he will recommend the procedure. Dr. Flannagan never recommends treatment if he is not certain of the benefits it will afford the patient.

Why Do Women Have Breast Augmentation?

Despite being medically and physically eligible for the procedure, it’s important that you determine your own personal candidacy, as well. When considering your own choices about breast augmentation, it can be helpful to learn why other women elect to get their breasts augmented.
Some of the most common reasons women get breast augmentation include:

  •          Changes in breasts after pregnancy or nursing
  •          Changes in breasts due to weight change
  •          Changes in breasts due to aging
  •          Sagging breasts
  •          Breasts that have lost volume
  •          Asymmetry of breasts
  •          Breasts which are too small for the patient’s desired aesthetic

Should I Get Implants Under the Muscle or Under the Breast Gland?

This is best determined by the surgeon during a consultation because it is dependent on a number of factors.

When Will I See Final Results?

The time it takes to view full breast implant results varies depending on the procedure itself. For most subglandular implant procedures, full results can be observed in just a few weeks. For submuscular implants, it may take a few months for maximum results to appear.

How Will Breast Implants Affect Me When I get Pregnant or Breastfeed?

Breast implants do not typically interfere with breastfeeding. In other words, if you were physically able to breastfeed prior to augmentation, it is likely you will be able to after the procedure.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Procedure Cost?

The first step in determining your cost is to schedule a breast augmentation consultation at Flannagan Plastic Surgery. This will allow us to develop a custom treatment program as well as a detailed cost analysis. We will then go over this cost analysis item by item to ensure you fully understand each item listed. After that, our team will work out the best financing option for your needs and budget. Most of our patients use a combination of the following to pay for their procedures:

  • Cash
  • Personal or cashier’s checks
  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit® Financing

Why Choose Flannagan Plastic Surgery?

Flannagan Plastic Surgery offers safe and effective breast augmentation procedures to residents of Evansville and Jasper and the surrounding cities. If you are in the tri-state area of Indiana, Northern Kentucky or Illinois, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Flannagan at Flannagan Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and learn how a breast augmentation can help you better define your chest.

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